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Pam Bates, MD Silk Bow Events – 

This collaborative challenge came about from a newly formed group for the  charities within ONLE Networking.  I was tasked with helping the charities during this pandemic and on the first zoom meeting the charities banded together to collaborate. It was a brilliant!

I had previously set up a fundraiser working for a charity and I called it Fifty-Fifty.  It’s simple, lively, inspiring and, best of all we can do it virtually.  The best part is that we have 5 charities and one CiC , who have all got together to make this a truly collaborative event.  They are sharing social media and helping each other – is infectious and brilliant to see.

Anyone can join in – its open for children up to 15 and adults, they who can paint, draw, colour, take photos, use digital images, graffiti style, charcoal, oil/water colours and even recycling to create a poster with the brief of ‘what does charity mean to you?’

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