Could you design a poster for charity – A4 or A3?

It’s free to sign up.

All we want from you is to design a poster

You can choose to paint, use crayon, oils, pastels, charcoal, pencils, re-cycling, photography, cut out & stick on pictures, graffiti, pop art, decoupage, digital, graphic design. 

The brief is to design a poster ‘What does charity mean to you?’


  • The Rainbow Centre
  • Prior’s Court
  • Vienesss CiC
  • Macmillan Caring Locally 
  • Merlin’s Magic Wand
  • Minstead Trust
Anyone can join the challenge that officially starts on 1st February 2021. All posters/masterpieces must be photographed to send to the charity ready for uploading on the dedicated auction website. The closing deadline is 28th February 2021 for submissions.

There is a dedicated website (www.fifty-fifty.uk) that will be available by the 1st week in February 2021 where you can view the photos of each piece of art. You can bid on any piece and all monies from each winning bid will go to the artists chosen charity. The auction will start from 10th March 2021.

When all bids are in, the relevant charity will contact the winning bidders and arrange payment. The charity will also arrange collection or delivery of the artwork from the artist.

RULES: Make sure you keep within the deadlines above, no profanities. Everything is PG rated.