Prior’s Court provides 24hr residential care and support for children and young adults, aged 5 -25 years with severe autism and complex medical needs.

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Unsung Heroes
Pam Bates, MD Silk Bow Events

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I wanted to show what people can do to help others. 

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH is an extraordinary person who opened Prior’s Court school for autistic children in 1999.
Prior’s Court would not be what it is to this day without the drive, insight and enthusiasm of Dame Stephanie. The house is of Georgian heritage with seven bays, built in the late 18th century and the house contains some 14th century stained glass showing monkeys playing musical instruments.
If you are lucky to visit the school you will find some fabulous art around the grounds, courtesy of Dame Stephanie Shirley

I've got you - Charcoal Drawing

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Knowing that someone is there for you unconditionally, to support you and know you’ll never be alone. There’s always someone who’s got your back. 

Let Me Shine
Juliana MacAdams - Simmons

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I have worked at Prior’s Court for almost 3 years and had a blast doing this picture!

The jigsaw pieces represent autism, the dove represents Prior’s Court.  Let Me Shine is the song our young people recorded at Abbey Road Studios and is about acceptance.  Finally the rainbow represents new life and joy. 


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Whatever the cause, big or small charities have to work so hard to get their message out and be heard, to help those who need their support.   They can’t just create little ripples – they need to make waves


The Right Path - Acrylic

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Sometimes the path may not be easy but help is there to keep you on track.  You’ll get there in the end. 

Hummingbird - By Fiona Jones
Acrylic Artist

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Charity costs you something, it’s giving a part of yourself for the bettering or someone else’s circumstances. It’s seeing that we all deserve a minimum “standard” of living and being moved through compassion to do something about that.

It’s to love one another as much as we love ourselves as God requires of us, and to take action based on those feelings.



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In The Prisoners of Time, Kai appears as a “mighty warrior, strong and wise, whose golden eyes stare down with supernatural majesty. A kindly smile softens his heroic features and a voice, deep and wondrous, rumbles from his throat.” Kai tells Lone Wolf  “you can right the imbalance. Inside you burns a flame that can light the hopes of future men for all time.” 

Halcyon Days - Watercolour

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Helping people to find happiness, peace and calm.  Halcyon means “Kingfisher” in Greek.