VieNess Discover You Love You CIC teaches self esteem and confidence workshops to children, young people and women, demonstrating it’s who we are and what we do that matters; the rest is fancy packaging. 

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Jenny Todd for Vieness

YOU CAN’T SHAKE YOUR BUCKET! - Jenny Todd, MD Silkbow Group

Final Bid - £ 0
I have certainly had a charity bucket in my hand for a very long time. I did shake buckets, but now I’m not allowed to – where’s the fun in that!

Blossom - Vie Portland

Final Bid - £ 0
I love watching the children, young people and women I work with blossom as I work with them so it felt appropriate to draw a flower. My doodle is representative of some of the words that are really important in what I do and in who I am.

Being 13 - Acyrlic - Hannah Pomery

Final Bid - £ 0
This image is based on the work Vie does with children and all the angst that comes with growing up,trying to fit in and trying to get it right.

Faith,Hope and Charity - Anna Thomas

Final Bid - £ 0

FAITH is confidence we can give HOPE with CHARITY

Tree - Stu Cooper

Final Bid - £ 0
My photographic style has always been imperfect which is why I am drawn to shooting on traditional analog film cameras. I love seeing beauty in our everyday environment and celebrating our imperfections. VieNess fits perfectly with my own values as a person and as a photographer.

Cosmos, shine & be colourful - Penny Plimmer

Final Bid - £ 0

Teaching self esteem and confidence to children, young people & women is just so important for them all to shine in this world and be colourful…

To give unconditionally - Carole Canning

Final Bid - £ 0

To show how simple it can be to give your help and support. These are my best friends and Grandsons hands. I have been experimenting with photography and seeing different shapes in objects like the heart leaf which shows diversity and understanding of a subject a bit like charity.

Love is all you need - Chantelle Hooper

Final Bid - £ 0
Her inspiration was that we all need love and we need to show love to ourselves and to others. When we do that we bloom, not wither like flowers

Pennies for Paw - Sarah Philips

Final Bid - £ 0
To me, charity is about supporting those who need it most. As an animal lover, that vulnerable look in those puppy dog eyes says so much.

EMERGENCE - Pam Bates, MD of Silk Bow Events

Final Bid - £ 0
Whilst I facilitated this collaborative fundraiser, it gave me an excuse to paint again and this is all about.  Vie Portland is a wonderful person who helps others who are in need on a bit of help.

Radiance - Sarah Phoenix

Final Bid - £ 0
I’m a visionary and psychedelic artist based in Southampton. Vie’s work means a great deal to me, and this piece represents the inner glow that her work engenders. Acrylic, glitter and sequins on canvas – for a video showing the sparkles please see my Facebook page. Please note this work is a little smaller than A3.

We March On - Fran Gibson

Final Bid - £ 0
This image has been created to demonstrate strength and as a representation of what Vie encourages in the children and young people she works with.

Quote - Ainslie Chivers

Final Bid - £ 0

A quote that is the essence of Vie – hand printed in oil based inks onto pearlescent card, using a vintage proofing press and polymer plate – by the Print Lady in her own print cave 😀 proofing press and plate shown for context.

Petrified tree in the Winter frost. - Sasfi Hope Ross

Final Bid - £ 0

This photograph of an ancient petrified tree represents the strength and longevity we all have within us. It is still standing tall after all these years, standing tall above the prickly gorse.

The work Vie does helps women and girls to reach that strength and to grow above adversity

I am a professional photography based in beautiful Dorset, normally I photograph commercial projects – portrait and property, but when I have the time I love to photograph my gorgeous surroundings.

Liberation - Pemma

Final Bid - £ 0
Pemma is a Scottish multimedia artist living near Edinburgh, she paints, crafts, sculpts and doodles in between being a stay at home mum to a 10 month old human baby and 7 year old fur baby with martial arts loving hubby.
She is an avid supporter of mental health awareness and the self/body love movement.
She says – finding confidence from within and learning to love yourself as you are right now is the most liberating feeling and Vie helps people to do this every day with her work. Through liberating ourselves we can do so much more for others – it is the most unselfish thing you can do!

Observe the beauty around you, and you will find it within. Sally Golden

Final Bid - £ 0

The picture represents being content within oneself, even when you are alone and with your thoughts.


Final Bid - £ 0

VieNess is a labour of love for Vie Portland.  Vie started body confidence workshops to encourage self-esteem, helping women and many teenagers to be proud to be who they are.

All Embracing - Acrylic and collage - Hannah Pomery

Final Bid - £ 0

All embracing is what charity means to me.  This is representative of the work Vie does with women and this piece is inspired from a group of lovely ladies from different parts of my life who all came together to celebrate an occasion.  I wanted to show how women support, embrace and empower one another and have incorporated yourself and lots of the words that came up in our conversation. Girl power!

Grace by Jill from A Canvas A Day

Final Bid - £ 0

Just A Canvas A Day is a creator and artist who enjoys producing artworks from pen, pencil, paint or thread. There’s a little bit of love in every make.

Lion - Nella Pang

Final Bid - £ 0
I painted this Lion. As I believe we all have a little lion within us. We just need the tools to shine. 🌟
The colour transformation when we support and build confidences in each other.
I am a massive supporter on building children, young children’s and woman’s confidence.

World in a Heart - Kayleigh Tait

Final Bid - £ 0
Kayleigh runs Tait Gallery on Etsy and fills it with colourful creations to help brighten up the world.

A Safe Space - Alyson Hyslop

Final Bid - £ 0
Painted using Chinese Brush Painting technique. To me charity is as much in small gestures, in giving time and space to listen.

Heart Art 10 - Moon-gazing artist.

Final Bid - £ 0
Paintings and drawings inspired by the natural world, land & sea, plants & animals, twilight skies & the magical moon. I’m based in Hampshire but a piece of my heart belongs to the moorland, granite & sea of the far west of Cornwall

Faith, Hope, Charity - Louise Edgar

Final Bid - £ 0
My inspiration for the paintings was based upon sunrises. Each day the sun rises and helps to provide us with what we need. Every day is a new beginning where we can focus on making each day count and making the world a better place for everyone.